Ocean Freight Services

Looking to move ten dump trucks and outsized mining equipment from Houston to Zambia?

Diplomat Freight Services, Inc is an industry leader in global ocean freight and project cargo services; our multi-modal transportation services are second to none. Diplomat’s ocean freight service accommodates a broad range of global customers, shipping everything from dangerous goods, out of gauge loads such as earthmoving, mining and construction equipment, and general cargo to destinations worldwide.

What ever your global transportation requirement, our friendly and capable staff will provide efficient solutions fast, keeping shipments on time, within budget and ensuring peace of mind.

Full Ship Charter Ocean Services

Diplomat Freight Services, Inc can charter a wide range of vessels with ranging specifications such as capacity, versatility, speed, range, and/or lifting capabilities to meet specific customer needs. At Diplomat we offer everything from container ships and Ro Ro vessels to ultra-heavy-geared and bulk ships.

Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL is a smart choice; Diplomat Freight Services, Inc is able to offer a myriad of schedule and routing options for this product. FCL generally expedites your shipment and provides you with the biggest bang for your buck for most cargo types due to availability of equipment, number of sailings, and Diplomat’s competitive pricing contracts with most carriers.

Roll on, Roll off (Ro Ro)

Diplomat Freight Services, Inc provides Ro Ro service for the transportation of vehicles; whether moving a single car, or one hundred cars, a 50-ton dump truck or a 100-ton mobile crane; Ro Ro enables vehicles to be driven on at origin and driven off at destination and typically offers a competitive per vehicle solution to alternate shipping alternatives. Diplomat offers scheduled Ro Ro services to most ports worldwide

Less-than-Container Load (LCL)

is the most common option for smaller shipments; Diplomat Freight Services, Inc will work hard on your behalf to find the most competitive LCL solution to meet your requirements. Although competitive, costs will vary as will schedule options. Diplomat Freight Services' LCL product provides dependable performance and a lower supply chain cost due to standard global connections from port to port.

Non-Containerized Load (NCL)

NCL is the ideal choice for Out of Gauge loads/Outsized Cargo; special shipments like these are carefully handled by special equipment designed to handle large cargo. Diplomat Freight Services, Inc is a specialized service provider in this arena; these capabilities also extend from ocean to air if needed.


Diplomat Freight Services, Inc offers comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your cargo, mitigating risk and ensuring peace of mind during the transportation process. Coverage is warehouse to warehouse and covers all general perils, war, strikes, riots, civil commotion, and terrorism up to $1 million per occurrence at very competitive premiums.

Please contact us to learn how Diplomat's ocean freight service can serve you. You can reach our ocean charter representative at +1 (301) 261 1202. Click here to email us. Thank you.

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