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Need 1 million litres of Jet fuel for air operations in Afghanistan?

Diplomat owns several proprietary Airborne Bulk Delivery Systems (AB Fluid DS) that can supply aviation fuel to even the remotest of locations. The AB Fluid DS from Diplomat is a proven system delivering over 47,500 liters per rotation. Mixed loads are possible such as jet fuel, diesel and even potable water. Diplomat also provides a complete ground support and fuel storage operation.

Flexibility and expertise

Fuel logistics solutions are available from Diplomat at short notice and on a long term or short-term lease. Services can be deployed rapidly and flexibly, with other liquid loads such as potable water combined in the same delivery.

Proven and reliable

The AB Fluid DS is a proven and reliable method of fuel delivery. For example, Diplomat used this system to successfully deliver over 4.5 million liters of Jet fuel for air operations in Central Asia, over a four-month period.

Additional fuel delivery services

Diplomat also provide a complete range of related services including sourcing of fuel, negotiating fuel prices, ground storage and local operational support such as airfield safety, equipment and lighting.

Dependable, cost effective service

The Diplomat fuel logistics service is a dependable and cost effective solution for refueling your aircraft operations, even in remote locations. It also gives Diplomat considerable advantages in delivering other logistics services around the world.

For more information about Diplomat’s Airborne Bulk Delivery Systems (AB Fluid DS), please call our dedicated 24/7 Operations line +1 (301) 261 1202. Click here to email us. Thank you.

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