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Moving a complete movie film set from Argentina to Kazakhstan?

Diplomat Freight Services, Inc. are specialists in providing international logistics support and airfreight to the Film, TV and Media sector. Diplomat has supported, planned and managed some of the largest and most complicated film location moves in the history of the business. This unique experience means that Diplomat is trusted with the logistics and airfreight requirements of many major international productions.

Our service begins with careful and thorough planning, working in close partnership with your production team. A tailored transport solution is then implemented, utilizing air charters and scheduled flights on passenger and cargo aircraft. Comprehensive 24/7hour customer support is provided throughout the project.

Trusted partners

Thanks to a proven culture of excellence within our organization, Diplomat has been appointed a key logistics partner on major international projects and movies including Troy, Gladiator, Proof of Life and The Bourne Supremacy.

Flexible logistics support

Diplomat understands your industry and thrives on meeting film and TV customers constantly changing requirements. When schedules or locations change at short notice, Diplomat is always ready to respond and exceed your expectations.

Specialist TV and Film logistics

Diplomat recognizes and understands the unique complexities of film and TV logistics. Awkward and outsized cargos such as film sets and specialist equipment can be transported and specialist air charters organized for aerial photography, static shots or props.

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