Past Project Illustrations

Supplying fuel in Senegal.

Locust Culling, Senegal

The Diplomat team received an urgent call for assistance with the culling of a devastating Locust plague in West Africa. read more...

A UN helicopter in Pakistan.

Earthquake Relief, Pakistan

In response to the earthquake in Pakistan, the team at Diplomat organised the short notice deployment of Mi-26 heavy lift aircraft to Islamabad. read more...

A lorry unloading from an aircraft.

Heavy-lift Air Charter

An International Freight Forwarder came to DFS with a 47 ton turbine that needed to be moved to Chennai in India. read more...

A crew transport plane.

Air Crew Charter

Virgin Atlantic called at 6am with an urgent charter enquiry to move a flight deck crew so they could meet a Virgin Atlantic aircraft in Manchester. There were only two hours to play with, failing that the flight would have been cancelled. read more...

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