Aircraft Operations

Planning a major operation overseas that requires air support?

Diplomat Freight Services, Inc can launch and manage your in-country aircraft operations practically anywhere in the world.

As trusted partners and approved suppliers for many Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations Diplomat can help you tackle projects in unusual and challenging environments. Our aircraft operations are often used for rapid disaster response relief and humanitarian aid, photogrammetry and/or aerial surveillance missions, search and rescue, film logistics, crop dusting, and locust culling.

Comprehensive project support

Free up valuable staff and resources and let Diplomat arrange aircraft, ground operation, satellite communication systems, fuel facilities, accommodations and catering.

Rapid response

Take on any global challenge thanks to the Diplomat portable infrastructure for emergencies and relief operations, which includes IT, communications systems and survival kits.

Complete flexibility

Provide an agile response, with long or short-term aircraft leasing of a wide range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft for both passenger and cargo requirements.

Accurate on the ground information

Target your relief efforts, with data obtained from Diplomat survey aircraft equipped with sophisticated digital imaging and GPS mapping technology.

Specialist procurements

Drawing upon 25 years experience in logistics and procurement, Diplomat can source specialist parts, goods and products to support your aircraft operations.

Our experienced operations team can mount air operations at short notice - ready to help you provide a rapid response in an ever-changing world. The Aircraft Operations service from Diplomat will provide real benefits to your organization.

For more information about our dynamic aircraft operations service please call our dedicated 24/7 operations line at +1 (301) 261 1202. Click here to email us. Thank you.

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