Disaster Relief Logistics

Do you need to respond immediately to a natural or humanitarian disaster?

Here at Diplomat Freight Services, we are masters at coordinating a response when people are in dire need. This is something we are respected throughout the world for and in today’s global climate of rapid change and instability, this is especially important.

Speed can save lives

Diplomat has the staff and robust relationships worldwide to arrange emergency transportation and logistics assistance. Rapid deployment is paramount if any project we undertake is to succeed and lives are to be saved. We not only understand this; we act on it.

Versatility is vital

If you need Diplomat to coordinate a massive operation in the air – in effect creating an "Air Bridge" – It is likely you will need our expertise on the ground too. We can set up makeshift operation centres in and around the disaster-afflicted area, from where much of the operation can be controlled. We have proven to be among the best in the business at doing just this and take great pride in our achievements – because they save lives.

Making the impossible possible

Diplomat Freight Services have operated in war zones and countless other inhospitable parts of the world. Although the risks are greater, we still have a job to do and will always give our clients every chance of achieving their goals.

For example, in 2007 Diplomat were responsible for running over 400 flights into troubled parts of the African continent. We also operated the first plane to reach the ground in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Not to mention evacuating over 5000 displaced persons from Lebanon in just over 5 days during the 2006 conflict. The Diplomat team saves lives.

Diplomat, above all

It is this willingness to push the boundaries that sets us apart, especially in a field that is unique. Only the likes of the US Departments of State & Defense and the US Agency for International Development can justifiably say they offer the same level of experience and service in this arena – and they work with us on a regular basis.

For urgent humanitarian transportation requests or information about this service, please call our 24/7 main line at +1 (301) 261 1202. Click here to email us. Thank you.

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